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Rev Dr. Shiju Samuel Achen & Family

Vicar's Desk

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  


It is indeed a great pleasure and honor for me to serve as the vicar of CSI Immanuel Congregation, Singapore in the upcoming years. I thank God Almighty for giving me this opportunity to serve the called out community here. It is part of Keralite Christians to hold the legacy of their faith traditions and take initiative to plant the Church where ever they go. As a result, by the grace of God, the CSI Immanuel Congregation, Singapore was started in 2008.  


The Church of South India is a United Church that came into existence on 27th September 1947. The churches that came into the union were the Anglican Church, the Methodist Church, and the South India United Church (which was a union in 1904 of the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches). Later the Basel Mission Churches in South India also joined the Union. The Church of South India is the first example in church history of the union of Episcopal and non-Episcopal churches, and is thus one of the early pioneers of the ecumenical movement. The CSI strives to maintain fellowship with all those branches of the church which the uniting churches enjoyed fellowship before the union. The Church of South India is a united protestant church being the second-largest church in India.  


As the body of Christ, for the last thirteen years, the CSI Immanuel congregation has been catching up with new thoughts – accommodative, adaptive and adjusting to the needs, culture and demands of the people. In following her Master who stood by the motto “not to be served but to serve,” (Mk.10:45) the church has been a service oriented body united in Christ in continuing the mission of love, justice and peace.  


Since God is a missionary, God’s people are missionaries. Hence mission is the nature and character of the church as well as every christian. God invites the church in his mission to participate as his agent to heal and reconcile the world. Mission became an intrinsic dimension of the church everywhere and the church is sent into the world for the sake of the world. The CSI Immanuel Congregation upholds these values and stands as an open house to all.   Those who wish to join, please contact us through our website.                                            


Yours in Christ,  

Rev. Dr. Shiju Samuel 


Mobile: +65 90605146              

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