Rev. Aniyan K. Paul & Kochamma

Vicar's Desk


Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is truly a great privilege and an honor to be the vicar of the Immanuel CSI Congregation, Singapore. I thank the Lord Almighty, who has done great things in my life, for His mighty work in approving the visa on time. I also extend my whole hearted gratitude to all the members for your sincere prayers and support. Our God is a living God who answers our prayers and works wonders, not in our time but in his perfect will and time.

I sincerely appreciate each one of you for your passion and spirit to stand as a CSI community here in Singapore, even though we are small in number. The Church of South India, the largest Protestant Church in India, has a great legacy and tradition. The church was planted and nurtured by the 18th century elegant missionaries from the west who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. This event can be described as the ‘Second Pentecost’ in the history of the Church. The life and service of the missionaries were challenging yet motivating. This great church has a remarkable role in the history of our nation, India. Therefore, we should never be ashamed to be called a CSI Christian, rather be proud of this church: a church that has been a remarkable influence in the socio-cultural reforms in Indian history.

The month of August is very significant for both Singapore and India. Singapore is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day and India is celebrating its 70th. Let us pray for our nations, its political leaders, and other leaders in power, so that they may lead these nations for the well-being of its people. According to our lectionary for this month, there are important biblical themes assigned for the coming Sundays’ devotion, such as the Doctrine of Baptism and Eucharist. The first Sunday of this month is separated for Almayar (Laity). Laity Sunday is specially assigned to study their role and their ministry for the growth of our church. One of the most important topic for our study is the “Christian presence in a Multi Faith Society.” This is a very relevant topic in this day and era where there are religious fundamentalism and fanaticism that disturb the world peace. In this present scenario, a Christian Community has a magnificent role as the promotors of peace. Jesus said “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9 clearly implies that we are not supposed to proclaim ourselves as the children of God, but let others say we are, by seeing our life and what we do for the world peace. So, let us study the scriptures thoroughly and transform our short lives according to God’s perfect will and purpose.

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